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MSc students visit Amsterdam to discover event management

Pre Covid trip just the tonic

Prior to Coronavirus travel restrictions, a group of six MSc Public Relations (PR) students and two final year students flew out to Amsterdam, accompanied by two LJMU lecturers. The purpose of the trip was to gain an inight into event management in Amsterdam and a seminar with the directors of The New Renaissance Film Festival.

Jan Henrik Verstraten and Massimo Barbato of the NRFF led the seminar by sharing their knowledge and experience from working within the industry. Joe Roberts, an award-winning film director, was also in attendance after winning the ‘Best Drama Short’ award with his film ‘Bellmouth’ at the festival the night before.

The goal of the trip was to help the students gain a deeper insight into Events Management and PR at an international level, in order to aid the group with the completion of their remaining assignments.  The seminar, which was held in the impressive LAB111 Cinema Complex, entailed a lengthy and stimulating discussion, and the students were given the opportunity to present all of their questions to the trio.  

Jan, Joe, and Massimo shared their extensive knowledge with the group, in a wide-ranging discussion covering all aspects of Events Management, PR, and Marketing.  It was an outstanding opportunity for the group to not only increase their depth of knowledge, but to make valuable industry connections with contacts that had been pre-arranged by LJMU lecturers.

Keith Thompson, LJMU Lecturer in Public Relations who led the group, added: "The visit gave our postgraduate in Public Relations students the opportunity to discover more about events and in particular behind the scenes of the new Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam. Our undergraduates also contributed by preparing this press pack.  All in all, a highly insightful trip and one which reminds us of the types of events we can look forward to, once the virus is under control."

MSc Student, Erin, also commented: "The trip was a such brilliant experience and I was in great company too!  It’s not every day that you are given the opportunity to learn more about your academic field at an international level, and especially through conversing with such knowledgeable people.  It was truly eye-opening to hear about how the theory that we have covered in lectures is applied within a real word setting, and this has birthed many new ideas for future projects."

Two other students, Nathan Bickerton who drafted this press release and Rebecca Abe who provided photographs won a competitive tender for two of the places.